About us

Chances are you want to know who you are buying from before making your purchase.  Thanks for taking time to learn more about us at SignCity.  Here you will learn who we are, where SignCity comes from, and why we'd love your support.

SignCity continues to be owner operated.  It began in a basement and just grew from there. We kept the company on a standard of no debt and excellent service.  Although the owner can still function at almost any job in the business, the secret to the growth has been hiring amazing people and letting them do their job.  

What do we do?  SignCity has three main business function and the impact of each each is constantly changing.  1)  Wholesale - we're selling to retail sign shops all across the country through our online portals and over the phone.  Our standards and quality are industry leading.  Our resume also includes multiple shops that have quit manufacturing in-house all together because we deliver product quicker, less-expensive, and maintain high quality control practices.  2) Retail - We service corporate entities across the states.  We offer web brand management and ordering.  From multi-million dollar companies to start-ups we offer solutions that will cause impact and make them grow.  3)  Online - This is where you come in.  We have the capabilities to create, enhance, and sell almost anything through our diversified web abilities.  We choose to target at-home type of products only.  This part business immediately became successful because of our large corporate base that we simply offered things to that they could buy at home.  They trusted for work so why not have the trust at home.  We save them money and allow them to buy from people they love supporting.
Mission Outlook?  Each of at SignCity is heavily trained and submerged into our culture.  SignCity stands on three support streams:  Owners, Employees, and Customers.  Owner are capital investors who were expected to contribute financially and who should get a fair return on their investment.  Employees are expected to give their hearts to work and love each customers order that comes.  In return, they expect lifestyle, vacation time, lives full of success, and financial compensation in a fair way.  Customer (you again) should pay fair prices, pay on time, and treat our employees with respect.  They should expect products on time, excellent quality, and customer service as needed.
Why you should buy from us?  By daily improving ourselves, our service, and our community, we're creating the best buying experience in the industry.  We have amazing employees that have great lives, and in the end you'll get what you asked for.  We can't lie and say we're perfect, but when there is a mistake we'll stand behind our product and what we've agreed to do.  The fact is the only way we can sell retail and wholesale is by having a high standard of integrity and always looking for ways to help others.